Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Just Don't

I’ve just read an amazing article on the power of the word Just.

Just think for a moment about how you use that little word. Just four letters, but it’s such a powerful word. However, so often it’s putting the user down, making the speaker/writer seem insecure, excusing themselves for their own thoughts and actions. It almost always puts the user in the subservient position.

If you don’t believe me pick out the word in my few previous sentences. I’ve tried to use it in as many different ways as possible to illustrate the article I’ll give you the link for in a moment.

“just read”: I’m entreating you to pay attention because this is all new.

“just think”: I’m begging you, not telling you. “Think” alone would tell you what to do.

“just four”: again I’m downplaying it. “Four” conveys all the needed information by itself.

Okay, here’s the article. It’s well worth reading.

Helen Woodall

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