Thursday, January 24, 2013

The top 12 reasons manuscripts are rejected

Ylva Publishing has recently celebrated their first anniversary. One of the things they did was a blog listing the 12 most common reasons why they rejected a manuscript.
It’s worth all authors taking a look. Obviously, depending on the genre you write, not everything will be applicable to you. But I’m sure you’ll still find hints for improvement.
1. The author is telling instead of showing
2. The point of view isn’t consistent
3. The opening failed to hook the reader
4. The author is dumping too much information on the reader
5. The plot lacks conflict and suspense
6. The characters are one-dimensional and flat
7. The development of the characters and their relationships is unrealistic
8. The manuscript contains scenes and passages that don’t move the story forward
9. The ending is illogical, rushed, or dragged out
10. The dialogue is unrealistic
11. The sex scenes are not a good fit for the book
12. The manuscript is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes

Helen Woodall

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anny cook said...

I wonder if they're in order of importance. If so...the order is interesting, isn't it?

Helen Woodall: Freelance Editing said...

Hi Anny, They didn't say if the list was in any particular order, but it's a good reminder to writers and aspiring writers whichever way you read it.