Sunday, January 29, 2017

How to Market your Book

There seems to be almost as many blog articles about how to market a book, as there are about how to write the book.

In my opinion, marketing is just as much a personal choice as writing. In the same way as some authors are plotters, others are pantsers and some a mixture, so too different marketing schemes are suited better to some authors than others. It’s up to each writer to devise a plan that works for them, their lifestyle, their skills, and their book.

Tim Grahl has written a very, very extensive Book Marketing Plan. ( He begins with an 18-point checklist, items like a website, podcasting, social media, paid advertising, bonus content and so on, and then moves onto a detailed discussion of each item.

With such a comprehensive guide, each author should be able to pick out the elements that suit them and will work for them, and devise their own plan.

Helen Woodall

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