Sunday, January 8, 2017

Gotta love another front page major Oopsie!!

What is wrong with this picture?

2017 has begun with a splash for the Washington Post Express, but not for the reasons they had hoped for.

Can you see the error? The editors and bosses at the Post didn't, but thousands of Twitter users did.

On Thursday 5 January, the Washington Post Express decided to devote its entire front cover to a story about a women’s rights march taking place the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration as US president. The text is fine. There aren't any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors or typos. But...

Can you see it yet?

The illustration is of women joining together to make a picture. Of the symbol for a male. On a story about women's rights. Once the feedback on the error starting coming in the people at the Express were quick to apologize and say they'd meant to use the female symbol, and they posted the correct image on their Facebook page.

But I'm pretty sure someone who used to work for the company is looking for a new job right about now.

Helen Woodall