Sunday, December 4, 2016’s 2016 Word of the Year: Xenophobia

Every year, chooses a Word of the Year that they believe encapsulates the writings and actions of the previous twelve months.

2016, they have conclusive evidence, is the year of Xenophobia. This word has only been around in English since the late 1800s and translates as fear of strangers. Now, fear is not always bad. The fight or flight reaction has led to many people running away from danger and being saved. But a random and all-pervasive fear of anyone different from ourselves goes a long way beyond a sensible response.

Those "others" we fear have brought us pizza, spaghetti, most spices, coffee, and chocolate, along with a huge list of other foods. I don't know about you. but I don't plan to give up chocolate any time soon.

Meanwhile a little less fear and a lot more intelligent thought and sensible planning, might be appropriate.

Let's hope next year's word is one that brings us positive outcomes, enlightenment, and an improved world, not irrational medieval fearmongering.

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