Thursday, January 14, 2016

Rejected Book Titles

Some authors find choosing a title the most difficult part of writing the book.
Even when they finally settle on one they like, sometimes the publishing company insists on changing it as it is too similar to an existing book title. I clearly recall meeting a well-known Harlequin author who confessed that sometimes she had to read the back-cover blurb on her own books to know which book it was as the title was nothing like what she had originally called her story.

Writer’s Circle has chosen five book titles which are quite different from the final title. They challenge readers to guess the book.

None of them are my personal favorite name change, “Gone with the Wind”. That was going to be called “Tomorrow is Another Day”.

Writer’s Circle chose, “The Kingdom by the Sea”, “Among Ash-heaps and Millionaires”, “The Last Man in Europe”, “Fiesta”, and “Something that Happened”. To find out which books they are, and their stories, go to:

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