Sunday, March 29, 2015

Looking for a job? Fix your grammar!

Byron Reese is CEO of Knowingly, which recently launched Correctica, a tool that scans websites looking for errors that spell checkers miss. "When I look for these errors on LinkedIn profiles they're all over the place--tens of thousands," he said.
Correctica recently scanned a handful of prominent websites. Here is Reese's list of the some of the most commonly misused phrases on the Web.

1. Prostrate cancer. That would be a cancer you get from lying down. They mean prostate.
2. First-come, first-serve. That means they have to serve everyone else. There should be a d on the end of serve.
3. Sneak peak. It’s pretty hard to hide a mountain. Try peek.
4. Deep-seeded. Should be seated. Even the White House website had this one wrong.
12. Piece of mind. I don’t think they mean brain surgery. For serenity try peace.
18. Do diligence. I like the idea of people being diligent, but if you’re talking about the business and legal term it’s due.

If you want to be educated or just need to giggle at things people get wrong, go to:

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