Friday, February 13, 2015

Typos can kill you

Pat yourself on the back if you saw the typo on your first read-through of the picture. You're doing way better than the government clerk in the story below.

How a typo destroyed 124-year-old company Taylor & Sons

This is a story for everyone who thinks editors are a waste of time, and that anyone with a basic grasp of language doesn’t need a proofreader.
Ah no. It doesn’t work like that. Your work needs to be accurate whether you’re an author, a blogger, a graphic artist, a signwriter or a legal clerk. Especially the legal clerk.

A multimillion dollar company employing 250 people went bust because a clerk put an “S” on a name.
Their business unraveled and inside two months they were bankrupt. Since then they’ve successfully sued the government department that made the boo boo for 17 million dollars.
Trust me. Editors and proofreaders are much cheaper than that!
Proofread your work!

The full story is here:

Helen Woodall

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jean hart stewart said...

Hi, Helen..I have a shortie due for an anthology to be released this summer. Would like your rates, please, although I suspect you're too expensive for me. I keep up with you and some of the old EC group on Facebook although I left them for MuseItUp.