Friday, October 31, 2014

Reader statistics 2014

The Romance Writers of America commissioned Nielsen to survey romance readers.

Some key things they learned are:
84% of romance book buyers are women.
The largest group is ages 30-54.
64% read romance more than once a month.
53% of print readers and 48% or ebook choose romantic suspense. Contemporary romance is the second biggest category (41%/44%). Historical romance is 34%/33% and erotic romance 33%/42%.

Most important factor when deciding on which romance novel to buy:
(1) The story
(2) The author
(3) Price

Ways romance buyers are most likely to discover new romance authors or titles to read:
(1) Browsing in a bookstore/ online book sites
(2) In person recommendation from people you know

In the last six months, the top activity done in regards to romance reading is searched for a new romance author to read, followed by: received social media updates from favorite authors through either Facebook or Twitter, shared author or book information on social media, offered feedback on romance to others, and participated in discussions online about romance books.

More details about the survey are at:

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