Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Trademark start up

Well, it appears that Apple has decided to trademark the word “Startup” in Australia.

Romance authors may remember the kerfuffle a year or so ago when a romance author writing under her own birth name was ordered by a multinational company to stop writing under that name. Even showing her birth certificate which proved it was her legal name didn’t deter them from pushing their claims that she had to change her name. Eventually The Powers That Be saw the light, but it was an interesting situation for a while.

Meanwhile I shall sit here at my computer and watch with fascination to see if it becomes forbidden to talk about startup companies, racing drivers starting up their engines, and a huge range of other possibilities.

You can read the article (with screen grabs) here:

Helen Woodall

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Helen Woodall: Freelance Editing said...

Pretty much unbelievable. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.