Thursday, April 18, 2013

The ten most common writing mistakes

These are the top ten mechanical writing mistakes
Proofing, improper word use, word choice, tense changes, special applications, copy and paste, long sentences, fragments, general statements, slang and abbreviations.

The top ten newbie author mistakes: lack of editing, dull writing, irrelevant detail, poor word choice, reliance on clich├ęs, no sense of place, no shape or structure, poor dialogue skills, lack of technical knowledge.

This article concentrates on the business side of writing. And if you want to succeed as a writer, you do need to treat it as a business.
Procrastination, editing while you write, being too picky, overbooking, not giving your work time, not knowing what you’re worth, not saving money, not marketing your services, not following up, underestimating the client relationship.

And the top ten grammar errors.

Helen Woodall

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Anonymous said...

Thankfully I catch myself before making any of the top ten grammar mistakes (at least on the read-over :), except for the one about 'whether'. Didn't know that!

Thanks for another great post!


Helen Woodall: Freelance Editing said...

Hi Deborah,
You're doing very well if you only make one of those mistakes.