Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back to Basics

Your: Belonging to you (possessive). Your coat, your socks, your ability to spell correctly.
You’re: Abbreviation for you are: You’re wearing socks, and you're spelling you’re correctly. 

It’s: Abbreviation for it is. It’s hot today.
Its: Belonging to it (possessive). Look at its socks. 

Their: Belonging to them (possessive). Their socks.
They’re: Abbreviation for they are. They’re wearing socks.
There: Place. Over there are the people wearing socks. Here, there and everywhere. 

Affect/Effect : Affect is a verb. Effect is a noun. You Affect an Effect. RAVEN (Remember Affect Verb Effect Noun) 

Till: A cash register, or to prepare the soil for crops to be sown
‘Til: Abbreviation for until. 

And finally, Facebook may be the mecca of all things social media but in one facet it is grammatically incorrect.
Invite is a verb. You invite someone to be your Facebook friend.
Invitation is a noun. You send them an invitation to be your Facebook friend. 

Helen Woodall

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Amarinda Jones said...

It does go to prove what my lecturers said at Uni. Langauge is all about vernacular at the time and it's ever changing and it will get to a point where we will accept all versions of words.