Saturday, November 19, 2011


The thing that stuck with me most from the Bourne movie that released a couple of years ago, was that Neal spelled his name NEAL at the start of the movie (seen in a text message) and NEIL at the end of the movie (seen on a sheaf of paperwork). Writers, that is a complete and total no-no. You should know how your characters spell their names, any place names and so on.
Another common error is the heroine who is wearing stilettos at the start of the scene and runners to get away from the bad guy. Unless she was carrying the runners earlier, you can’t do that! Picture your scene before you start writing and dress her accordingly, or even have her throw away the shoes and run barefoot.
Consistency is very important. Readers do notice errors.
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Amarinda Jones said...

Yes and if three characters are having sex there's no point writing in a fourth pair of hands...unless it's a ghost I guess...