Thursday, October 27, 2011

Target Your Audience

Once your book is written, it's very important to send it to the correct publisher/editor/agent for your target audience.
You need to decide which style of publishing suits you and your work: print, digital, self-publishing.
Will you be happy adhering to a standard company contract? Many houses publish their boilerplate contract on their website. Read it very carefully. Can you agree to every item on it?
Will following house rules of style, spelling, grammar etc suit you?
Does the publisher specialise in works similar to yours?
It's not a good idea to send a sweet romance to an erotic publisher, unless they also have a sweet/mainstream imprint. In the same way, if you write science fiction, sending it to house that principally publishes cozy mysteries, is just wasting your time and theirs.

Reading publishers' websites can help you formulate your ideas and target your audience appropriately.

Helen Woodall
Freelance Editor


Amarinda Jones said...

And read some of the work they accept. If you can write just as well - submit it.

anny cook said...

AND even if they publish several genres, if their PRIMARY genre is not one you write, then sales in your genre might not be so good.

Helen Woodall: Freelance Editing said...

Exactly Amarinda. Don't be shy. You will never be published if you don't make the leap into the unknown and submit your story.
Yes Anny. If they have a very small list of books in your genre it could be better to choose a publisher which specialises in your genre.